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Mug Crawler Twistshake Pearl Pink 300 ml

  • The Crawler Twistshake Mug is a spill-proof spout mug with a top handle.
  • BPA free and suitable for children from 8 months.
  • With an ingenious fruit blender.
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The Crawler Twistshake Mug is the perfect spout mug to use when your child is learning to drink on their own and is easy to grip with its handle. The Crawler Leak-proof Spout Cup supports your child's active lifestyle with a removable silicone seal. For free flow or cleaning, simply remove the silicone seal by pulling it out sharply. If it is lost, it is of course available for purchase separately in our accessories section. Near the spout on the top is a handy handle so you and your child can easily carry the spout cup. The Crawler Twistshake Mug features the revolutionary FruitSplash invention. Twistshake is the first in the world to have developed this brilliant solution that allows children and parents to create colorful and nutritious drinks. Combine the water and your favorite fruits and berries in your cup and shake it. The ingenious fruit blender crushes the fruit and creates a tasty, natural and healthy fruit drink. Perfect when you and your child need to hydrate and take a refreshing break from your everyday life. Easy and delicious, in just a minute! Like all Twistshake mugs, the Crawler mug is completely BPA free, for the safety of your child and a better start in life. It is made of PP and TPE plastics, which are high quality durable materials. For easy cleaning and filling, the cup has an extra wide neck. Available in several colors. What is your child's favorite? The spout cup is suitable for children from 8 months and is dishwasher safe.


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