Newborn Glass Starter Set Avent

  • Glass newborn kit
  • Contents: 3 bottles of 120 ml, 2 bottles of 240 ml, a milk dispenser, a bottle brush and two lollipops
  • Philips Avent

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This newborn kit includes five Natural Philips Avent glass baby bottles, two orthodontic pacifiers, a milk powder dispenser and a bottle brush. Our Natural baby bottle facilitates the alternation of breast / baby bottle.

  • Natural feeding thanks to a large nipple imitating the shape of the breast

The large nipple imitating the shape of the breast allows a natural feeding similar to breastfeeding, which facilitates the alternation breast / bottle.

  • Soft pacifier designed to reproduce the sensation of the breast

The teat has an ultra-soft texture designed to reproduce the sensation of the breast.

  • Flexible spiral design combined with comfort sockets

The flexible spiral design is associated with our unique comfort sockets in order to obtain a flexible nipple that does not crush, for a more natural feeding.

  • Heat resistant

The Natural glass bottle is resistant to heat and thermal shock. You can therefore place it in the refrigerator, heat and sterilize it.

  • Unique anti-colic valve technology

Our unique anti-colic valve technology has been designed to reduce colic and discomfort by preventing air from entering the baby's stomach.

  • Easy to use and clean, simple and quick to assemble

The wide neck of the bottle facilitates filling and cleaning. The bottle has only a few parts for quick and easy assembly

  • Bottle brush with curved head for easy cleaning

Brush with curved tip and molded handle end for meticulous cleaning of all types of wide neck bottles, teats and other breastfeeding accessories.

  • The dispenser can contain enough powder to prepare 3 bottles of 260 ml

Ideal on the go, the Philips Avent powdered milk dispenser can hold 3 pre-dosed measures of powdered milk.

  • Pharmaceutical grade glass

Superior quality borosilicate glass ensuring unmatched quality and purity.

  • Orthodontic breastplate, flexible and symmetrical

The symmetrical and flat teat-shaped nipple respects the natural development of your baby's palate, teeth and gums, even when the pacifier is upside down in the mouth


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