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  • NUK Nature Sense Manual...
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    NUK Nature Sense Manual...

    €49.92 -30% €34.94
    • NUK Nature Sense Breastfeeding Kit to extract, store breast milk and feed your baby, BPA free
    • Perfectly combines the NUK Jolie manual breast pump with the NUK Nature Sense bottle
    • One NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump with NUK Nature Sense 150ml Breast Milk Storage Jar and Breast Pump Adapter
    • 2 NUK Nature Sense 150 ml bottles made of high quality polypropylene with Nature Sense silicone nipple (infusions, breast milk), 0-6 months
    • 2 silicone closure plates, an adapter ring and a trial set of 2 NUK Ultra Dry Comfort breast pads
  • Simple Avent Electric...

    • Express your milk, store it, bottle-feed
    • Contains everything you need for perfect breastfeeding
    • Breast pump, storage and bottles
  • Nipple Protector Avent Size M

    • Designed to help breastfeed longer and comfortably
    • Its shape allows skin-to-skin contact with baby
    • Size M
  • Suavinex Manual Breast Pump...
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    Suavinex Manual Breast Pump...

    €49.92 -20% €39.93
    • Suavinex manual breast pump
    • Ideal for occasional extraction or for moms who prefer a simpler system
    • Battery-free - Quiet and discreet
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  • philips avent tire-lait...

  • Philips Avent - Manual...
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    Philips Avent - Manual...

    €49.92 -25% €37.44

    More comfort, more milk, naturally ... Let the massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow by settling comfortably, without leaning forward.

  • Simple Avent Electric...

    €116.58 -30% €81.61
    • Inspired by baby, effective for mom!
    • Natural movement technology, for faster milk flow and adapted to the shape of your nipples
    • Adaptive flexible silicone cushion
    • 8 stimulation modes and 16 suction settings
    • Quiet motor, for discreet use everywhere
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  • Philips Avent -...


    Philips Avent ultra comfort nursing pack.

    Ref: SCD 223/20

  • Breastfeeding Pack Avent -...

    • More comfort, more milk. Pull, store and feed
    • Includes 2 bottles and teats
    • Breast pump with flexible massage cushion
    • 10x storage jars and lids
  • Philips Avent SCF332/31...

  • copy of philips avent...

  • Philips Avent - Simple...


    Convenient and comfortable breast pump that will make you feel comfortable when expressing milk.

  • Philips Avent - Natural...


    Let the massage cushion gently boost your milk flow by sitting comfortably, without leaning forward. The milk will flow directly into the preserving pot!